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[ Case Studies ]


Abdominal Pain (top)

  1. Like a Human-being Again

A 70 year-old lady had suffered abdominal pain for 30 years. She had a total of six surgeries on her abdomen  including an exploratory surgery that yielded no results. She had her uterus, ovaries, appendix, gallbladder and part of intestine removed in separate surgeries. In her last surgery of the six, the doctor was confused why after these 5 surgeries, she was still in pain. They simply couldn't find anything wrong with X-ray, MRI or Ultrasound so they decided on exploratory surgery that yielded nothing but recovery time. She felt so weak, was in so much pain that she thought she was dying. Her neighbor brought her to Dr. Chernly's Acupuncture Center. She wasn't even able to climb up to the clinic table. When Dr. Chernly palpated her abdomen and lower back area, he felt a very tender area on her lower back area. So he treated not only her abdomen, but also back area as well. After the treatments, she told Dr. Chernly that it was the first time in 30 years that she felt like she was a human being. After 20 treatments, she not only got well but well enough to travel.


Alzheimer's Disease (top)

  1. A 72-year-old man from Chicago was brought to Dr. Chernly by his daughter. This man not only forgot what kind of food he took for breakfast in the morning or lunch in the afternoon when Dr. Chernly examined him, but also he couldn’t control his bowl movement and urination, and he needed to wear diaper. His daughter helped him wear diaper but he still messed the treatment table at his treatment. At first treatment, the patient was kind of hostile and said to Dr. Chernly: “Are you going to kill me?”

    After a couple of treatments, he could control her bowl movement and urination (incontinence). Three weeks later, he didn’t need to wear the diaper anymore. And a month later, he could tell Dr. Chernly what breakfast he had now. And his daughter who brought him here smiled eventually: “That is exactly what he ate. I am so glad!” After 2-3 months’ treatment, the patient went back to Chicago.


Asthma (top)

  1. A 15 years old boy had suffered asthma for 10 years since he was five. He was tested allergic to 60 substances out of 64 that we know of. He couldn’t endure things such as different trees, pollens, dust, eggs, milk and other dairy products, etc. Because of his disease, he frequently missed school and when he did attend, his mother had to accompany him to feed him with medicines such as Theophylin and he had to carry inhaler apparatus all the time. He was considered handicapped and he didn’t grow an inch for 4 years between he was 11 to 15 years old.

    One day his mother called Dr. Chernly desperately: “If there is something that can happen to this child, I am willing to exchange my life for him.” So she brought him here for treatment in the spring of 1987, after 2-3 months of treatment, he got well. No more allergies to any food substances, no asthma attacked anymore. In that summer of 1987, he grew 6 inches.

  2. A 46-year-old lady had suffered asthma for 40 years since she was six. She took Theophlin and had to bring her breathing machines with her everywhere she went. She drove to the clinic and asked Dr. Chernly how he might help her. Dr. Chernly estimated that acupuncture could help in 20 treatments. But after 14 treatments, she asked that if she still needed any more treatment because she already got well. Dr. Chernly told her that she’d better take some more to stabilize the case. After the whole treatment was finished and her asthma was cured, she told Dr. Chernly a story: when the whole family took a vacation in Texacana Lake, she left her breathing machine at home and forgot to put it in her car, which really scared the whole family. But everything went all right and she is free as a bird now!


Asthma/Headache (top)

  1. An 11-year-old boy, who moved from Seattle, Washington to Texas, had severe headache, asthma and allergies since he was 3-4 years old. He had gone through so many doctors, but none of them could help him. He was suggested to use biofeedback techniques to control the headache, but still, the effects were very limited. Fortunately, his parents had heard about Dr. Chernly after they moved to Texas and began to bring the boy to the clinic. After the first treatment, he already felt a lot better. After about 15-20 treatments, all his syndromes were under control and he could even play sports. In addition, he used to use inhaler every day as his syndromes were on daily basis. But after the treatment, he didn’t need that anymore. After his first program of 6 months, some syndromes recurred and he came back to receive some more treatment and got well again. A year later, he came back again for treatment but the span of his recurrence became longer and longer. And now, he lives a normal life just like you and me.


Back Pain (top)

  1. A Surgery Removed

    A university professor suffered lower back pain off and on for more than 20 years. As the situation went worse, he was also diagnosed as lumbardisc herniation. He was in physical therapies twice a week for two months during that period of time, but one day when he got up in the morning, the pain was so acute and severe that he called his surgeon who summoned it was time for a surgery. In the meantime, his wife called Dr. Chernly after her husband was scheduled for a surgery at 10:30 AM. After listening to their description, Dr. Chernly asked the patient to come immediately to his office at 8AM right before the surgery. The patient was carried by his two sons to the doctor’s office instead of the hospital and the pain was relieved after only one hour’s Acupuncture treatment. The patient was able to put on dress and shoes by himself and went away, also of course, cancelled his surgery appointment. In the next 20 years, he lived happily and has not seen any similar disease.

  2. A Million Dollar Worth Treatment

    A very successful businessman suffered severe lower back pain which radiated to his right leg. He had a surgery for that. However, three months later, the pain recurred on the same side and was the same sort of pain. This time, his neurosurgeon was hesitant to conduct another surgery.

    The situation soon got worse and the man was unable to move. At this difficult moment, one of his friends referred him to Dr. Chernly, who later went to the patient’s home because the patient couldn’t move at all. It was so lucky that Dr. Chernly only gave him one Acupuncture treatment and the pain went away. The businessman spoke to his friend who referred him there:” This treatment is worth a million dollars!” However, Dr. Chernly only charged him $200 bucks. He and his family definitely could not afford him under recovery for three months as he was such a busy businessman.

  3. Runner’s Dilemma

    A university professor was an extremely avid marathon runner, but he suffered severe Sciatica from lower back to leg because of running. For four years, he could not even walk without pain. This patient heard of Dr. Chernly who moved to Arlington, Texas 25 years ago. But he didn’t make up his mind to come at first because he was scared of needles. Three years later, after suffering Sciatica for seven years, he eventually made a trip to visit Dr. Chernly who treated him with Acupuncture and the patient was surprised that the needles did not hurt at all! After several treatments, he got well.

    However, this is not the end of the story. The patient came to Dr. Chernly again. Why? Because he tried to give up running but couldn’t, the pain recurred as he ran marathon again. “What? Why do you want to do it again?” Dr. Chernly asked. “I could not give it up, this is my life!” The patient replied. “But you are a professor, not an athlete. In the past seven years, you could not even walk without pain! Now you can walk well on campus again, it is good enough. You are not that young anymore, so PLEASE don’t run marathon again.” The patient nodded and this time he was really determined to give up marathon.

    Now it has been twenty years and the patient sees Dr. Chernly occasionally and tells him that he could do some regular jogging now. But definitely no more marathon!

  4. Back to Work

    A 39 year-old gentleman suffered lower back pain from work-related injury and was considered disabled after receiving three unsuccessful back surgeries. At this young age, he was desperate and already retired. He resorted to Dr. Chernly’s Acupuncture Center almost in despair and was completely cured after fifteen treatments. He gladly returned to work before long and was so grateful because Dr. Chernly not only cured his physical problem but also his family’s financial jeopardy by enabling him to work again.

  5. A Policeman’s Happiness

    A police officer had a work-related injury. His neurosurgeon recommended him a surgery because his MRI showed herniated disk, ruptured disk and warned him that he would lost his leg if he refused to do a surgery. However, after being recommended by a friend and coming to Dr. Chernly’s office in 2001, he was totally cured after 40 treatments. Now it has been five years and any pain is still foreign to him. He has been so happy that he referred his sister/friends/colleagues to the Acupuncture Center.

  6. From Handicap to House Building

    A 61-year old gentleman, who lived in Freeport, Texas, suffered lower back pain for 30 years and had seen numerous doctors, none of whom could help. He was referred to Dr. Chernly by a friend and decided to spend 9 hours driving to the clinic for a good future.

    After 9 to 10 treatments, he got well. One day his wife called the clinic for a piece of wonderful news – his husband just did something he had not been able to for the past 30 years – her husband was exercising on the seashore and even tried some house-building. From being handicapped for 30 years to building a house, this is the power of Acupuncture!

  7. Get Off Your Crutches

    A gentleman from Alabama drove 12 hours to visit Dr. Chernly in Hurst, Texas. He has suffered right hip pain for 5 to 6 years and was diagnosed as hip joint necrosis, meaning there was no blood going to his hip area. His surgeon wanted to operate surgery to replace his hip joint and a femur bone. He asked for a second opinion from another surgeon who basically said the same thing. He went on and scouted 5 opinions from 5 different surgeons, and they all showed the same idea – his situation was hopeless and he needed to do a surgery. Just at this moment, his friend living in Fort Worth, Texas told him about Dr. Chernly. So after a phone conversation and consultation, he visited the Acupuncture Center. On his 1st date, it took him 30 minutes to walk from his car in the parking lot to the treatment room, just because every movement was so painful and he was relying on his crutches. He stayed for two weeks and had treatment almost everyday and sometimes twice a day. Before his first treatment, his pain area was icy cold and two weeks later, it became warm and normal. After completing his treatment, this man was able to walk out without pain and he even forgot his crutches in the clinic when he walked out one day, only to be reminded by other patients, who he had made acquaintance with during his stay. Upon his departure for Alabama, he’s got mixed feelings – he was definitely joyful he was in good health conditions, however, on the other side, he was wondering: “why those doctors said I was hopeless and I was cured by Acupuncture so soon? I am going to report this miracle to the media when I go back to Alabama.”

  8. Power of Prayer

    A 30-year-old man suffered back sprain, which was so severe that he had already lain on the bed for 2 weeks. His friend referred him to Dr. Chernly. But because he couldn’t walk, nor could he get off the bed, Dr. Chernly made a house call and went to his home to treat him. The treatment took about an hour and made him come out of the bed and walk. When he got off the bed, he wanted Dr. Chernly to follow him to another place. At that time, Dr. Chernly didn’t know why, but he followed him anyway. Then they got into a room beside the living room where Dr. Chernly saw a group of people knelt down praying. When these Christian brothers and sisters saw the patient they were praying for walked in, they shouted with tremendous joy – “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!”

  9. Mid-night Treatment

    A good friend of Dr. Chernly, who was a professor teaching at a graduate school, was in his 50s and got back sprain. It happened when he tried to help his son install the basketball rim. He called Dr. Chernly at mid-night: “Friend, save me!” Because of their friendship, Dr. Chernly went to his house without any hesitation even if it was before dawn. The patient was lying on the floor and couldn’t move. After an hour’s treatment, he could climb up to his bed and on the second day, he was able to drive to Dr. Chernly’s office for the follow-up treatment.

  10. Acupuncture or Surgery

    A lady was about 29-30 years old whose husband was an SMU student. They were both from Taiwan. The lady suffered severe lower-back pain and couldn’t even stand. Her husband brought her to Dr. Chernly’s office and she couldn’t walk and was climbing on the floor. When her husband tried to help her stand, she said: “Don’t touch me, I’ll move myself and climb up to the treatment table.”

    After the first treatment about an hour, she could stand and smile. But Dr. Chernly told her that she needed several more sessions of treatments to get her completely well. However, she didn’t show up the next time. Dr. Chernly didn’t know what happened. Based on his past experience, the patient would be operated if she went to a regular doctor on that situation. Now, she only needed a series of treatments to get well, but why didn’t she come back?

    When Dr. Chernly was still wondering, a waiter in a restaurant who also got back sprain called Dr. Chernly for help by a friend’s reference. This young man couldn’t move and lay on the floor for 2 weeks, and of course he couldn’t work for 2 weeks. After he got well, he told Dr. Chernly that he had a friend who suffered back pain and got a surgery. Now he was going to visit her. And this friend he just mentioned was the Chinese lady from Taiwan who missed the second treatment. Dr. Chernly knew it was her right away, but at that time he didn’t want to bother her as she was under the surgeon’s care. However, from the bottom of his heart, Dr. Chernly was concerned what’s going on with the lady and wanted to give her suggestions as what maintenance and precautions to use after the surgery.

    About three months’ later, Dr. Chernly called her as to what she should do and should not do to get well. The lady was so moved that she told the story: she actually felt well after the first treatment, but she was surrounded by a group of Chinese friends who talked her out of Acupuncture. They said the U.S. had the most advanced medical system, so the patient should go to the hospital, not go to a Chinese doctor. So she did. She went to the hospital and got a surgery immediately. It was deemed so urgent by the doctor that he didn’t t even let her go back home once to get prepared. Her medical bill was $9,000, due to the student Insurance discount policy, but she could only afford $7,000. After three months, she still couldn’t walk and regretted not taking Dr. Chernly’s advice. By the way, her first Acupuncture treatment only cost her $65.

  11. Back Surgery and Total Hysterectomy Saved

    A 39-yeaer-old lady suffered lower-back pain and menstrual cramp. Her doctor wanted to operate both back surgery and total hysterectomy. Actually she suffered the same problem as her mother, who had both surgeries. This patient heard about Dr. Chernly and came for treatment. After a series of treatment, both her back pain and menstrual cramp were healed. Two years later, she went to her OB/GYN doctor for a regular check-up. Her doctor asked her why she hadn’t shown up in 2 years as she used to see the doctor every month. She told the OB/GYN doctor that she didn’t have any problem anymore, even no back pain. Her doctor was so impressed because she thought it was impossible to cure those two diseases. In their routine treatments, you could either take medicine or remove the whole uterus and ovaries. The patient told her doctor that Acupuncture helped her. As a result, the doctor asked for her acupuncturist’s business card and said she would refer Dr. Chernly to other patients as many of them were suffering from the same problem.

  12. Two Neighbors

    A 70-year-old man suffered lower back pain and had had 10 surgeries. One day he went to Dr. Chernly’s office with his back bended 90 degrees against the ground and resembled the shape of a hook. He said: “Dr. Chernly, can you help? My doctor wanted to do another surgery.” Dr. Chenrly certainly did help him. After the 1st treatment, he was able to straighten his back, and after a series of treatments, he got well.

    Now 12 years have passed and he is 82 years old. Six months ago in this year, he came to see Dr. Chernly just to say hello as he is still well. He still can travel and never got a surgery any more.

    The second case relates to this old man’s neighbor, who suffered the lower back pain just as the first. It used to be that these two desperate neighbors, who are about the same age, met each other in the morning and asked each other “Are you OK today?” in the past 15 years.

    The second man had suffered 5 surgeries including a back bone fusion, and still felt severe pain. Then the doctor implanted wires going to his spine/ knee and implanted an electro-pad under his abdominal muscle. In addition, his doctor asked him to use an electric shock machine, which was kind of a battery and had the size of a Kleenex tissue box, to shock himself. But it didn’t help him either and he quitted using it for 15 years, and this time, he just brought the box to show to Dr. Chernly. Furthermore, he couldn’t urinate by himself and needed to use catheter to urinate 3 times a day, which he did that for a long 15 years.

    So through his neighbor’s recommendation, the second patient went to Dr. Chernly.

    After some treatments, he got a lot of improvement, so he quitted coming for more due to his financial budget as his health insurance company didn’t help this patient who was a retired senior.

    After the second patient stopped coming, one day, his neighbor, the first patient came to Dr. Chernly’s office and told him how amazing things had happened to the second patient – now the two good friends could sit there and talk hour after hour. That second man, who used to be unable to sit for more than 3 minutes and couldn’t urinate by himself, was able to sit for 2 hours and was able to urinate without the catheter.


Bad Habit (top)

  1. A lady had a bad habit of biting her nails, not fingernails, but toenails! Dr. Chernly didn’t think he could help her with Acupuncture treatments, but he really did. This power didn’t come from Dr. Chernly, but from God. God wanted to help her. Otherwise, how could it happen?


Bell's Palsy (top)

  1. A 4-year-old boy, who was from a farmer’s family, had Bells’ Palsy - one side of his face was paralyzed and couldn’t close his eye completely on the paralyzed side. The boy’s regular doctor told him that his Bell’s palsy could be a permanent one because he couldn’t help him after treating him with all the medications and treatments available at that time. His mother who was a Registered Nurse used to have Sciatica and got well by receiving Dr. Chernly’s treatment. So she brought her son to Dr. Chernly’s office for treatment. It could be scary for a 4-year-old boy, so his mother encouraged him: Be brave, just like you bite a bullet! So the boy bravely had the treatment, quite calm with some tears in his eyes. About three weeks later, the Bell’s palsy went away beautifully and he got well.

    After the cure, his regular doctor said: “It is just pure luck.” But the boy’s mom knew that it was not coincidence. The boy is a 6 feet and 4 inches teenager now. He came back to the clinic a couple of months ago when he was visiting his grandma in this area. He was so happy that he testified the success by telling everybody about Dr. Chernly and the power of Acupuncture.


Breast Lump (top)

  1. A 68-year-old lady found one side of her breast had small lumps. She herself is a Natural Healing Health practitioner and she suspected it might be cancer. She didn’t go to a regular doctor to do biopsy confirmation but came to Dr. Chernly instead.

    Dr. Chernly told the patient that although he is not specialized in treating cancer patients, he would try some special Chinese herbs. If they worked, good; if not, go to a specialist. Fortunately, those Chinese herbs and patches made the lumps nodule go away. Although Dr. Chernly advised her to go to an oncologist to check, she never did that. Eight years later, this lady is still fine.

  2. A lady had breast cancer and mastectomy subsequently. One day she found a lump on another side of breast. Because her husband was being treated leg problems by Dr. Chernly at that time, this lady came with her husband and mentioned her problem to Dr. Chernly. Dr. Chernly put special Chinese herb patch on her lump and also let her take Chinese herbs. Still, he recommended her to get her regular doctor/specialist.

    However, after a while, the lump went away and the lady never bothered to visit her oncologist. Fortunately, this lady hadn’t been identified as another cancer. It’s been 11 years and she’s still fine.


Cancer (top)

  1. A 22-year-old lady moved from New Mexico to Texas and her mother brought her to the clinic for lower back pain. The treatment was so successful that in one of the sessions, her mother mentioned that her daughter had also a cervical cancer, which was diagnosed by different OB/GYN doctors in New Mexico. So an abdominal treatment (Female Problem Treatment Protocol) was started without an idea in mind that acupuncture could cure cancer, which really happened anyway. One day, the girl came to Dr. Chernly and told him that her cancer was healed. Dr. Chernly, perplexed, asked why she said so and instructed her to see her OB/GYN to check. After the medical examination, her report showed that the cancer was negative now. And that doctor asked her to see another one just to double check. All the results came back negative. With all these evidences, Dr. Chernly still didn’t want to say that he could cure cancer.

  2. A 48-year-old lady was a lung cancer patient. One of her lungs was removed and she was still under chemotherapy. Her doctor told her that she only got 3-6 months to live. So she came to the Acupuncture Center for alternative treatment of acupuncture and herbs. Dr. Chernly provided some herbs and nutrition to her. However, her oncologist told her that she must not take any nutrition or herbs, which would feed the cancer cells. In her discussion with Dr. Chernly, he encouraged her to try because the cancer cells won’t be starved to death anyway before the patient died.

    The patient followed Dr. Chernly’s advice to take herbs, nutrition and acupuncture treatments. As a result, she lived for another 8 years, not 8 months. In her first few years of acupuncture treatment, her health insurance covered her, so she could regularly come to the clinic for treatment. However, a few years later, her insurance stopped paying for these kinds of treatment, so she could only come occasionally because of financial reasons. At one time, her cancer disease came back and expanded to her right leg, the patient complained to Dr. Chernly to have a leg pain. After two treatments, the pain wasn’t relieved as it was supposed to. Dr. Chernly concluded that there might be some different problems involved and sent her to her regular doctor, who later told her that there were cancer cells on her leg now (leg bone cancer). Her doctor wanted to operate surgery on her leg, but the patient was so faithful to Dr. Chernly that she wanted to see if Dr. Chernly would suggest no surgery instead. That was a very hard decision for Dr. Chernly to make because he didn’t think the surgery could help her bone cancer but he knew for sure that the trauma from the surgery cut could definitely make her immune system go down. But eventually he gave an OK. Unfortunately, after the surgery, the patient’s body condition went down so fast that she passed away 3 months later.


Car Accident (top)

  1. A lady suffered severe neck pain for 12 years since her car accident. She went through all kinds of therapies and medications, which all failed. So she came to Dr. Chernly and told him that in the past 12 years, she had already spent tons of money and simply couldn’t get well. But after a couple of months’ Acupuncture, she got completely well.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) (top)

  1. A 29-year old lady suffered CTS and had surgeries on both wrists. She could not work anymore after these operations and had lost her job as a typist who could type more than 100 words a minute. Then she came to Dr. Chernly for help, after a few sessions of treatments, she got well and returned back to work.


Chest Pain (top)

  1. A 38-year-old lady suffered severe chest pain on her sternum and the surrounding areas. The pain was so severe that her local doctors could not help her and send her to the Mayo Clinic. The neurosurgeons at the Mayo Clinic saw her condition and said she needed a surgery although the surgery possibly would not help her. The only thing that could help, according to her surgeon, was Acupuncture. So this lady came to Dr. Chernly’s clinic. When she first came, she was so frustrated after a long time’s suffering and didn’t have any confidence in Dr. Chernly. Even her husband wasn’t optimistic.

    At that time, she couldn’t take her clothes and bra off and needed her husband to help with everything. Every time Dr. Chernly touched her sternum bone, it made her cry. In spite of all these difficulties, the lady got well in 3 weeks, a total of 12 treatments. She smiled at last: “No more pain!”


Depression (top)

  1. A Vietnam War veteran suffered severe lower back pain, which radiated from his back to his leg, so he came to Dr. Chernly’s office on a Friday for treatment in 1988. The pain was totally relieved and Dr. Chernly told the patient that he needed a series of treatments to get well. The veteran was supposed to come back on the coming Monday and get three treatments a week for several weeks. However, on the next Monday, he called the clinic to cancel the treatment, saying that his back pain recurred and he wanted to go back to his psychologist. He also said on the phone that his psychologist diagnosed his pain to come from his depression and he needed to get anti-depression.

    On one of his phone conversation with Dr. Chernly, he told the patient that his pain was real and he would be able to help the patient again just as he did before. “If just one treatment made you well, why not come back?” So he convinced the patient to come back and received about 10-15 treatments including those that dealt with his depression problem. After that, his back pain was totally gone and he was grateful to Dr. Chernly: “Doctor, you not only helped my back pain, but also helped with my depression much much better than my psychologist and psychiatrist, who helped me in the past 23 years!”


Diabetes (top)

  1. A lady of 40 years old came to Dr. Chernly’s office for lower back pain treatment and it went very successful. One day at one of the back pain sessions, she mentioned to Dr. Chernly about her diabetes problem – her blood sugar level was out of control for 2 weeks. While we all know the normal blood sugar range is 80mg to 120mg for a normal person, her blood sugar level either shot up to 800 mg or down to 30 mg depending on how much insulin her doctor gave her, and her doctor couldn’t get her blood sugar under control. And she said that her situation troubled her treating physician.

    Although Dr. Chernly was not a diabetes expert, he treated her anyway for her own sake. And the results were quite satisfactory: the lady’s diabetes was under control again, even he is still in insulin.

  2. A 62-year-old man had heard that Dr. Chernly could treat many many kinds of illnesses. So he came to him for diabetes because he was diagnosed the so called “border line” diabetes. His blood sugar level was between 130mg to 150mg per 100cc blood. His doctor wanted to start treating him with insulin, but he didn’t want to take drugs and tried alternative ways instead. After several treatments, his blood sugar became normal. Since then, he would come for treatments once a while and at one time reported to Dr. Chernly that it’s been five years and his blood sugar was tested in the normal range and he never got insulin started.


Dizziness (top)

  1. A 70-year-old lady suffered dizziness on the daily basis. Not any of the doctors she went to could help her. She’s got MRI, X-Ray, CAT-SCAN tests, but still couldn’t find anything wrong on her brain or neck or ears. One thing was sure was that the dizziness still stayed. And she couldn’t function well in her daily chores.

    She came to Dr. Chernly and in 3 weeks, her symptoms were under control. The patient said Dr. Chernly was the only doctor who could help her. After that, there were occasionally follow-up treatments for about a year and she never complained her dizziness again. It’s been 4 years now and she’s come back for different problems such as neck pain, back pain, etc.


Dry Cough (top)

  1. A man suffered dry cough everyday for 4 years, no doctors or medicine could help him. So he came to Dr. Chernly’s office, and got acupuncture as well as special Chinese herbal medicine, which stopped his cough. The patient reported his coughing has stopped on the first day of the treatment and herbal medicine. As he kept using the special Chinese powder, all symptoms went away.


Ear Ache (top)

  1. A 3-year-old boy had ear ache for 2 years since he was one. His mother was a Registered Nurse, who worked in a Pediatrician’s office. She brought him here and told Dr. Chernly that her son went through many doctors and used all medicines available, but none of them could help. The doctors were determined to operate on his ears and put artificial auditory tubes in his ear to solve the problem. But this mother didn’t want his son to go through that kind of operation. So she brought her son here.

    Dr. Chernly used a couple of needles and a special Chinese herbal patch. Three days later, the ear pain was gone and he changed the patches. Two weeks later, his entire ear ache completely vanished. Six months later, they traveled to Seattle, Washington. Maybe because of the weather and coldness, the boy’s pain recurred. So his mother brought him back to Texas immediately to Dr. Chernly. With the same treatment, the pain was cured again in a couple of weeks. A year later, the same problem recurred a couple of times. The acupuncture treatment worked every time they came to Dr. Chernly. The boy is 5 years old now and never suffered more ear ache complaint.


Eye Muscle Twitching (top)

  1. A 47-year-old lady had eye muscle twitching everyday for 3 months. She took the medication and muscle-relaxant, none of which could help. She came to Dr. Chernly’s office for treatment, and got completely well after 2 to 3 weeks


Hypertension (top)

    Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help high blood pressure. Although Dr. Chernly had helped quite a few people, he never put hypertension on the list of his advertisement. However, one event happened in 2003 that drove many patients with high blood pressure to him. One day in 2003, Peter Jennings -the ABC news broadcaster- reported that there was an acupuncture doctor in New York treated high blood pressure patients and made them well. Since that, so many patients called Dr. Chernly for hypertension help. Although he does have many good experience and success stories, he still doesn’t want to claim himself as an expert in that field. Here are some of the examples of his successful cases:

  1. A 53-year-old man had high hypertension and had been on pills for some years. He came to Dr. Chernly for acupuncture and Chinese herb treatment. About 2 months into the treatment, he was able to reduce the hypertension medication gradually and eventually the disease went away. He didn’t need to use drugs anymore.

  2. A woman came to Dr. Chernly for neck and shoulder pain. This patient also had hypertension problem, and she was also given blood pressure pills by her regular doctor along with the pain medication. However, although the blood pressure was under control by the pills, her pain remained. That’s why she came for pain control. After a series of treatments, her pain completely disappeared, and the hypertension was healed as well, so she didn’t need blood pressure pills anymore.


Infertility (top)

  1. A lady from Austin had been married for 4 years and couldn’t have a baby. Dr. Chernly told her that it might take 3-6 months of Acupuncture treatment to get her pregnant. However, it was the third month and she called the clinic to cancel her appointments, because she was pregnant already!

  2. A lady from Alaska came to Texas to get her academic degree. Three months before she graduated, she started to come here for treatment because she couldn’t get pregnant. Her doctor told her that she was low in progesterone (a kind of female hormone). After 3 months’ treatment, she went home to Alaska and wrote a letter to Dr. Chernly that it really worked, she was pregnant! (see her testimony)

  3. A lady from Australia moved to Texas not long ago. She couldn’t get pregnant anymore because of a history of miscarriages. So she came to Dr. Chernly for help. After 2 months’ treatment, which went from twice a week to once a week, she got pregnant again. However, this time Dr. Chernly was concerned about her miscarriage issue, so he used different herb combinations to help her to avoid the miscarriages. She’s got a baby now.

  4. A lady from Australia moved to Texas not long ago. She couldn’t get pregnant anymore because of a history of miscarriages. So she came to Dr. Chernly for help. After 2 months’ treatment, which went from twice a week to once a week, she got pregnant again. However, this time Dr. Chernly was concerned about her miscarriage issue, so he used different herb combinations to help her to avoid the miscarriages. She’s got a baby now.

  5. Another lady came to Dr. Chernly to treat her back pain. After a series of treatments, her pain was relieved and she felt well. However, during the fifth treatment, the lady mentioned she had endometriosis and already had a laser surgery done, but her doctor told her that her endometriosis might come back soon, therefore it would be quite impossible for her to get pregnant. With these concerns in his mind, Dr. Chernly treatment both her back pain and endometriosis. She came to the clinic in May, June and July, but one day she told Dr. Chernly that she had to change her wedding date two months earlier from October to August, because she was already pregnant!

  6. Dr. Chernly treated a 30 years old lady with neck/shoulder pain, and it was very successful as usual. One day in a session, she mentioned that she couldn’t have a baby after being married for 5 years. So in addition, her infertility problem was also treated and she got pregnant after only one treatment. She is a lucky one!

  7. The infertility treatment and the Chinese herbal medicine combination have high success rate. In 2004, 10 people came to Dr. Chernly with this problem with different causes: there were miscarriage, low female hormone, invitro failure and some of the causes couldn’t even be identified by their doctors. Now all of them got pregnant after acupuncture treatment and have babies. So the clinic’s success rate was 100% in 2004. There was one special case, though: there was a lady who had different body conditions of Lupus and others, in addition she was over 45 years old. A tough case, even Dr. Chernly thought the hope was dim, but he still helped her to get pregnant. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage later. This was the only one failed, but Dr. Chernly said: “If she told me right after the pregnancy, not after the miscarriage, maybe herbal medicine could help to prevent the miscarriage.”


Insomnia (top)

  1. Dr. Chernly has treated and helped quite a few insomnia patients. Here is one case.

    A 43-year-old man suffered anxiety, stress and insomnia. He took regular medicine available, none of which could help. So he started to come to Dr. Chernly’s and got good results. In the beginning, he came every week regularly and had his symptoms under control; he could sleep well with no more anxiety from his stressful job. Then the treatment plan became less frequent and now he gets one treatment almost every 6 month or a year.

    With this case as a typical illustration, Dr. Chernly wants to mention an interesting experience he had related to insomnia.

    Dr. Chernly was in western medicine by origin and conducted a research on Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Taiwan 30 years ago, which was part of his early years of acupuncture research, There was a 40 year old lady – a guinea pig of his– suffered insomnia and couldn’t fall asleep. It has been like that for about 5 years. This patient received acupuncture treatment and on the second time when she came back, she told Dr. Chernly a funny story: after first treatment, she took a bus home. However, she fell asleep on the bus and didn’t wake up until it passed the stop on her house and went straight to the last bus stop station.


Job Injury/Car Accident (top)

  1. A 40-year-old lady had work-related injury and suffered severe pain from top to toe. She had been seeing her primary doctor and physical therapist 3 times a week, which cost more than $10,000 to $20,000 a month, but those treatments didn’t help her. In the meanwhile, she was having a lawsuit with her insurance carrier because of some problem. So she came to Dr. Chernly and started her Acupuncture treatment, paying from her own pocket. After 2 treatments, she went back to her doctor. Because this patient had workersCompensation insurance, the Acupuncture Center called her insurance carrier but the company denied the acupuncture benefits for this patient. Dr. Chernly’s office tried to convince the insurance and the reason being that Acupuncture could help the patient get well and save them a lot of medical expenses.

    Later on, the adjustor seemed like he was convinced by Dr. Chernly and said he was suspicious just because acupuncture was still new to this company but their policy could be flexible. Also, he said if the patient can get the referral from her primary treating physician to Acupuncture, then they would pay. So this patient went back to her physician to request a referral to Dr. Chernly. But the physician didn’t think Acupuncture would help. The patient counterattacked with an answer that Acupuncture had already helped her after two treatments and her pain had been relieved a lot. Eventually, the physician’s answer was no and asked the patient to just follow his treatment plan, which would include a surgery later. As he knew the patient was undergoing a lawsuit at that time, he even said: “If you follow my plan, I will testify before the judge for you one day in the court that you are 100% disabled.” He also told the patient: from now on, you can go running, riding a horse, doing anything you’d like to, but you will hurt, then you will know how important the surgery is.

    So the patient didn’t get the referral, but still wanted to receive acupuncture treatment, she went to her lawyer. She told her lawyer everything about the case and how much she had been helped by Acupuncture. After their conversation, her lawyer said: “Oh, Dr. Chernly, I know him and many people told me he is good. However, you can’t get well now otherwise you may lose the case and won’t get paid. If you want to go to Dr. Chernly, wait until the lawsuit was settled.” At this point, the poor patient had no other choice but save her own money and only receive acupuncture treatment occasionally, which continued for a year and the major pain was under control, then she stopped coming back. Four years later, she came back. During that period of time, she gave Dr. Chernly an update of the story: first of all, her case was settled; secondly, the insurance company went bankrupt and thirdly, her previous primary physician got brain tumor and passed away. The lawyer’s story remained unknown. The patient got $70,000 compensation after the settlement and she spend a fraction of it, which was $1,000 for Acupuncture to cure her pain.


Knee Pain (top)

  1. Real Pain

    A 69-year old lady suffered bad knee pain and she used a cane to walk. It’s been like this for 5-6 years and her doctor wanted to do operation on her knees with possible total knee replacement. However, because this lady has already got an open-heart surgery, hysterectomy, and her gallbladder removed, she just didn’t want to have another one.

    As a result, she came to the Acupuncture Center for treatment. It took 12 treatments and she got well and didn’t need the cane anymore. One day she went back to her previous doctor to follow up with the heart problem. Her doctor examined her heart conditions and besides that, he restated that she needed knee surgery. But the lady told her surgeon that she’s got no more knee pain. Her doctor asked her with suspicion: “How come?” The patient said she’d had acupuncture. Unexpectedly, the doctor sneered and started to laugh at her: “Oh, Acupuncture; oh, Acupuncture. If Acupuncture can help, I can do too. If I put my hands on your head and said you were healed, you were healed.” This patient felt totally insulted by the doctor because even a 3-year-old kid is able to tell if the pain is gone, and she, at an age of 69 and will be 70, knew her pain relief was not an illusion! However the doctor regarded Acupuncture as“Voodoo” or some sort of a psychological problem, she is firm that it was a fact because she didn’t even need a cane anymore.


Menstruation Problem (top)

  1. A 59-year-old lady came to Dr. Chernly’s office for lower back pain treatment. She had much improvement after the treatments and the back-pain treatment almost finished. One day she mentioned to Dr. Chernly that she suffered a non-stop menstruation bleeding for 6 years. And she said she didn’t want to go to her gynecologist because she knew if she did, he will remove her uterus and ovaries, the so-called “total hysterectomy”. And she didn’t want that.

    Since she mentioned that, Dr. Chernly started to do the treatment for her menstrual problem. Her bleeding stopped in one week. However, six months later, the problem recurred and she came back to Dr. Chernly. The treatment made the bleeding stop in a week again. After that, she is fine.

  2. Another case is that a young lady, who was 29-year-old, came to Dr. Chernly and complained her menstruation had skipped for a year, which was not a usual situation at this young age. Dr. Chernly treated her and her period started 3 days later. After some treatments, she has had regular period.

    An assistant of Dr. Chernly’s saw that and asked why that happened in amazement. Why Acupuncture was able to make the first one’s menstruation stop and the other’s come, is that a magic or what? Dr. Chernly smiled: he himself was amazed too. Even he knew acupuncture works so well and has experienced so many good results; he didn’t think it is his ability. So far to this point, he believes it is a kind of miracle, which was not from him, but it is God’s work. Another thing he understands is that we human beings were first created by Him; He designed all the self-healing system in the body and the acupuncture just triggered the self-healing system to start to work. This is what so called – “not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit”-said the Lord Almighty. (Zechariah 4:6).


Migraine (top)

  1. Dr. Chernly on Her Will

    A lady had suffered severe migraine for 13 years and even been hospitalized twice a week shortly before she came to Dr. Chernly. However, all theses efforts were in vain. Then she came to the Acupuncture Center for help. After 15 treatments, her migraine headache was completely gone. She was so happy that she even put Dr. Chernly’s name on her will! As reported, she’s had no headache thereafter. Fifteen years later she came back to the Acupuncture Center for back pain treatment and said that Dr. Chernly’s name was still in her will.

  2. A Nurse’s Testimonial

    A nurse practitioner had migraine headache for over 20 years and had tried everything she could find, seeking help from various doctors without any real improvement. However, after receiving 10 treatments from the Chernly Acupuncture Center, all the pains were gone!

  3. Cured the Migraine – Got a Baby as a Bonus

    A lady who was 27 years old suffered from severe migraine headache accompanied with irregular menstruation. It has been proven that because her migraine was somewhat related to the period problem, the syndrome needed to be treated together.

    This lady already had two lovely children and her gynecologist told her that she would not get pregnant again because of her irregular period and thus she and her husband did not do any birth control anymore. After she came to Dr. Chernly’s Acupuncture Center, her migraine problem was treated and cured. Most surprisingly, one day she was pregnant again and she got upset and blamed Dr. Chernly whose treatment made her pregnancy as a side-effect. However, the couple was touched by the cuteness of their new baby and invited Dr. Chernly and his wife to their home to celebrate. Normalized and self-stimulated bodies after proper treatment just can product enormous power to release its full potential!


Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) (top)

  1. One day, a 38-year-old man came to Dr. Chernly and had a series of symptoms: paresthesia, unable to control his saliva, slurred speech and one side of his face had muscle weakness, abnormal sensations in extremities, vertigo and visual disturbances, etc.

    He told Dr. Chernly that he had been diagnosed as M.S. for 3-4 years since the symptoms first started. At the beginning, the medication helped him, but not anymore at that time. His doctor had exhausted all the medication available, but in vain. This was why he came to Dr. Chernly.

    According to Dr. Chernly’s knowledge, his M.S. was hard to cure. However, after acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the symptoms went away. He still had a series of treatment after his symptoms went away. In the past 8 years, he has been a normal person, although the mild symptoms have occurred a couple of times. One day he went to his neurologist who checked him and told him that his M.S. situation never got worse and even is improved. This patient still regularly comes for treatments, but he is functioning just like a normal person now.


Neck Pain (top)

  1. Came Back in 10 Days

    A lady of 41 years old had suffered neck pain and shoulder pain for 6 years and the pain had radiated to her arm letting her fingers tingle. Her neurosurgeon intended to confirm with MRI results to conduct a surgery. Her MRI was taken on a Thursday and she was determined to seek an alternative way to help herself. So she came to Dr. Chernly on Friday, the very next day of her MRI. After her first treatment, there was quite a pain-relief and she was supposed to get her next treatment on the coming Tuesday. However, she didn’t show up on that day.

    Ten days later, the patient came back to the clinic and asked Dr. Chernly – “I am so embarrassed to come back, but do you still take me?” Then she told a story: what happened was that she went to her neurosurgeon on the Monday before her Acupuncture treatment to see the MRI results, her doctor told her to schedule the next surgery available ASAP and possibly would do neck bone fusion. But this patient told the surgeon that she just had Acupuncture treatment and enjoyed a lot of pain-relief. When her doctor heard about Acupuncture, he said with concerns: “Acupuncture? Absolutely no more acupuncture because it will paralyze you! What you should do is to schedule your surgery because the MRI did show the disc herniated, so no more acupuncture. Absolutely no more.” That was exactly why she didn’t come on that Tuesday.

    However, when she went back home, she thought over and over again during that 10 days. Would Acupuncture really paralyze her? For 6 years, the pain has been so severe and after just one acupuncture treatment, 80% of the pain was gone, she didn’t have any nightmares anymore. The doctor must be mistaken and Acupuncture must have some value there, so she decided to take a chance. That is why 10 days later she came back.

    After 10-15 treatments, her pain totally disappeared. It had been 9 years now, and she is totally fine after the cure. In addition, whenever she’s got other problems, she would come to the Acupuncture Center for help.


Neck Pain/Shoulder Pain (top)

  1. Nine Acupuncture Treatments Beat 19 Surgeries

    A gentleman suffered neck pain which radiated to his right shoulder and arm. After various medication and therapy which did not quite work, the neurosurgeon started to do surgery on the back of his neck.

    After three surgeries, he complained that the pain persisted. His surgeon examined and told him that it was the scar tissues that bothered him. Then there came the 4th surgery with the purpose of removing the scar tissues from the previous 3 surgeries. However, the patient kept feeling that the pain only got worse. Then came the 5th surgery, which was on the front of neck because the blamed scar tissues would not be so visible if it were cut from the front. However, the suffering went on and on as he received up to 17 surgeries trying to cut the herniated disk, which all failed.

    Still, the patient claimed the pain existed which really confused the surgeon, who asked what situation hurt him. The patient replied that it hurt every time he tried to turn his head. The surgeon said confidently with a paradoxical excuse: “Now I know, because you have 7 vertebrates on your neck, that’s why you could move your neck and get hurt. So now I think you need to get a fusion surgery.” This, no doubt, turned out to be his 18th surgery.

    Ironically, the patient’s surgeon felt the need of a 19th surgery because the 18th one only fused his 1st to 5th vertebrate and no wonder, they need to fuse all his neck bones. And that was indeed the cause of his 19th surgery which fused all the cervical vertebrates. However, the pain only got worse after that. The ready-to-give-up neurosurgeon told the patient: “Now you need to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist because what you are undergoing is absolutely from your head, not your body. Not one surgery, but 19 surgeries have been done and you still complained, so the pain must come from your mind!” Said the neurosurgeon.

    The patient replied: “My mind is quite all right.” But how could a common person argue with 19 surgeons and iron-like facts? “No, not all right, you need to see a psychiatrist now.” The neurosurgeon said. “I don’t want to go.” “Yes, you need to go.” The patient and his surgeon argued back and forth. Finally the patient surrendered because there was no other choice and he was so painful. But in his mind, he felt like being forced to see the psychologist.

    Two years under the care of psychologists and psychiatrists and taking Zanax (a mental pill) when the pain was still there, one day he happened to drop by Dr. Chernly’s office and testimonials drove him to start the treatment.

    It took Dr. Chernly two weeks to defeat the disease and pain. On the day when the treatment ended, the patient got so emotional that he cried, weeping, and kept saying: “I told them that I was not crazy, but they would not listen to me.” He was in ecstasy and told Dr. Chernly that actually he was one of the top 20 highest IQ people in the world tested in one of the exams. “Why me – the high IQ person – was cut 19 times? I must have been sent to the dumbest people to treat.” Since then, he has fully gained his dignity.

  2. Boss Again

    An owner of an iron company, who is a very successful businessman, suffered upper shoulder/neck pain that radiated to arm and hand, letting the fingers tingle. He got to physical therapies and used hot packs, cold packs, also chiropractic care, pain medicine, and muscle relaxant, etc., all of which did not work. His doctor considered doing a surgery on him; but instead the doctor had him take tests such as X-Ray, MRI and CAT-SCAN, none of which was able to find anything wrong on his neck bone or brain tissue. Therefore, the doctor diagnosed him as mental depression, which is the only way they could make sense of this difficult syndrome. So alternatively, he was treated with ZANAX (anti-depression).

    Six months under the ZANAX treatment, the patient started to develop a real mental problem after taking so many mental pills that he was not supposed to take in the first place. And many consequences followed that, as a business owner, he couldn’t attend his own meeting because he was scared to see a cloud of people; and of course, he couldn’t drive either. Also, he stated that he wanted to find a place to hide. One day his wife called Dr. Chernly’s office saying that if her husband kept this way, their business would have to close.

    Dr. Chernly gave him a couple months of treatment and all the side-effects and pain were gone by the end of that. The business owner rejoiced after the treatment:”I am the big boss again!”

  3. Confidence with Results

    A 45 year-old lady complained neck-shoulder pain, fingers/hands numbness and tingling. Her MRI results showed that she’s got cervical disc herniation. Her neurosurgeon wanted to do a surgery immediately in fear that she would lose her both arms if her neck were not operated. Actually in most of these cases, the patients couldn’t raise their arms.

    Fortunately, this patient was treated by Dr. Chernly before and this time she came to the Acupuncture Center again to get his advice before moving forward with an operation. Dr. Chernly told her that he could help her. However, she shared big concerns that she might lose both her arms and be paralyzed. Dr. Chernly consoled her and told her that based on his past experience, Acupuncture would treat her well. On her first visit, the patient didn’t get any treatment and actually went back to the surgeon who warned her again of losing arms. Then, the anxious and hesitant patient came back to Dr. Chernly asking for a guarantee of curing her disease. Dr. Chernly replied:” I don’t use the word ‘guarantee’, but ‘confidence’, from the high success rate of the patients I treated before who had similar conditions as yours.” The patient was convinced and after 10 treatments, the pain was completely gone.

    Two years later, the patient came back along with her husband who suffered lower back pain. His surgeon wanted to operate on him, but fortunately his wife knew that at least there was one doctor who could cure his problem without any operation. The day the couple entered Dr. Chernly’s office, she burst into a joyful scream and kept waiving her arms: “Look! Dr. Chernly, I didn’t lose my arms. It’s been two years and I still have my arms.”

  4. Midland Patient

    A gentleman from Midland, Texas suffered severe shoulder pain. All the therapies and medication he tried failed. Also, all doctors have lost faith in him for 25 years, who diagnosed him as “Frozen Shoulder”. He couldn’t use his right shoulder for 25 years. Fortunately, his son, who lived in Fort Worth, Texas, has been treated by Dr. Chernly, so he recommended Dr. Chernly to his father in Midland. This patient, who eventually found his last straw, would catch a 4:30AM flight from Midland to DFW airport and waited there until 9AM for the clinic to open. As always, his “Frozen Shoulder” got well after just several treatments.


Pain from Top to Toe (top)

  1. A 65-year-old lady suffered severe pain from top to toe and she got open-heart surgery, had her gallbladder and ovaries removed as well as hysterectomy. The pain as so severe that she would blast into scream whenever she was touched. Over the past 30 years, she was so desperate that she even asked the congressmen respectively in the four districts where she had lived to help her find a competent doctor.

    Finally a cardiologist referred her to Dr. Chernly. On her first day, she carried a big medicine box with her with 15 different kinds of drugs in it and said: “you can’t touch me and can’t put needles on me because I have diabetes.” Actually the medicine box was her lifesaver and had been with her forever, so it is not hard to imagine that she asked Dr. Chernly to keep the box on her bedside. After the first treatment, she came to Dr. Chernly on the second day and told him that she felt her pain relieved for the first time in 30 years and she remembered how good sleeping was like. After several sessions of treatment, she told her daughter, who was a Registered Nurse, how much her health had improved by Acupuncture. However, her daughter who had heard of acupuncture was very hostile to that and told her mom not to tell her about acupuncture anymore as she didn’t want to hear about it.

    The patient got better and better after more treatments. One day she told Dr. Chernly that her daughter’s attitude had changed. When her daughter took her for shopping, the merchandise would cost $100 but she signed a $300 check to her mother. When the puzzled mother asked why, her daughter revealed that the rest of the money was for her mother’s acupuncture treatments. Why the change? It was largely because she noticed how much her mother’s health condition had improved. She used to only be able to walk from bedroom to restroom for 30 years, now for only a couple of months of acupuncture, her mother not only could go to kitchen trying to help to cook, but also went to the yard to help. The suspicious daughter was convinced by all these positive facts – there must be something in acupuncture.

    After 3-4 months’ treatment, her pain was almost healed. She now only kept two kinds of drugs under the instruction of Dr. Chernly, one for her heart and the other was insulin for her diabetes. All of the rest such as painkiller, muscle relaxant, anti-depression were not needed anymore.


Para anal-abscess - A Herbal Case (top)

  1. A 50-year-old man went to Dr. Chernly to treat his Para anal-abscess. This was a very acute case and because there are so many nerves involved in the anal area, the patient was so painful that he could not get off bed, couldn’t go to the restroom to urinate, nor could he contract his sphincter or cough. Despite all these difficulties, Dr. Chernly believed he could do it and he used a special Chinese herbal patch and put it under the infected side of the abscess. In just 48 to 72 hours, the pus drained out and the open wound started to heal. It went completely well after a couple of weeks.

    The patient was so grateful to Dr. Chernly and Chinese Herbal Medicine that he told him a story: actually he got Para anal-abscess when he was 30. There was some acute infection accompanying it that the pain was unbearable even when he was making wind. Also he could not sit or stand or lie. One day, the chronic pain got unbearable that he got a surgery and was hospitalized for 41 days. However, the cutting wound pain and infection didn’t entirely go away until a whole year after the surgery. Still, he needed a donut-shaped cushion to put under his bottom wherever he went.

    The symptom has recurred 3-5 times since five years after Dr. Chernly’s treatment. Every time he just came back to Dr. Chernly and tried to use Chinese herbal patch to heal himself. The patch just worked so well every time to drain the abscess out completely in 2-3 weeks. Therefore, this man doesn’t need surgery anymore.


Shoulder Pain (top)

  1. Threw the Aspirin Away

    A 41-42 years old big guy suffered right shoulder pain. He’s got shoulder rotator cuff surgery. After that, he still suffered a lot of pain and his doctor told him to keep taking Aspirin 5 times a day and 5 tablets each time, which meant 25 Aspirins a day, for 5 years. When Dr. Chernly heard about his medical condition, he couldn’t believe what he heard and wondered how he could possibly stand that without developing digestive ulcer. After 2 sessions of Acupuncture treatments, the patient threw the Aspirins away. The patient got completely well after more follow-up treatments.


Smoking (top)

  1. Not a Smoker Anymore

    A man had been smoking for 45 years with 5 packs of cigarette a day. After he came to Dr. Chernly’s office and had his first treatment, he went back and claimed the next day that after the first treatment he even forgot he had been a smoker when he came back home. Actually he did notice he had a pack of cigarette in his pocket, but he threw that away immediately. It was simply not attractive to him anymore. As a matter of fact, he completely quitted smoking after just the first treatment, although he still completed the 5-session program.

  2. Smoke or Divorce

    A man who was a heavy pipe smoker received the 5 treatment programs and quitted for a while. However, one day when he and his wife was vacationing and having a meal at a restaurant in California, he noticed a stranger smoking in the smoking area. That scene triggered him to have a very strong desire of smoking and he wanted to go out of the restaurant to buy cigarettes again. At this point, it was no wonder that his wife was angry with him and started to argue and fight with him. It became a “smoke or divorce” issue. Right at the moment, the rekindled urge was very strong that this smoking temptation almost led him to a divorce.

    Besides that, he was a pilot and of course smoking was harmful to his career. He knew that but didn’t know how to quit. He shorten his vacation and came to Dr. Chernly in despair and after 5 programs (25 treatments), this man stopped smoking completely and even became allergic to tobacco.


Sports Injury (top)

  1. Cheerleader’s Savior

    A 12-year-old girl injured her back in one of the cheerleader’s practices and she had severe back pain. She went through physical therapy, muscle relaxant and pain pills, none of which would help. Her doctor considered conducting operation on her back. But as she was so young, the surgery and all its potential impact would be a big thing, so her family was not willing to do it.

    Her mother brought her to Dr. Chernly. The little girl was afraid of needles in the first treatment, but as it was her last resort besides surgery, she took it courageously. The pain was relieved so much just after the first treatment. After that, her back pain completely disappeared after 12 treatments. Dr. Chernly told her to be careful and better not practice tumbling or jumping. However, because she already got completely well, she was still in the cheerleader team.

    Many school cheerleaders got similar problems such as injured back, legs, knees and ankles from tumbling and jumping in the cheerleader practice. Many many of them came to Dr. Chernly from word of mouth and got well.

  2. WestPoint Marathon Runner

    A marathon runner, who was 22 years old, was a student from WestPoint academy. He got injured on his knee from running marathon. As his hometown was DFW area, his mother referred him to Dr. Chernly. He got well after the treatments and went back to WestPoint. However, he continued running at WestPoint because of the school’s activity, and went back to Dr. Chernly every time he came back home on vacation.

    He had stopped coming for 2 years. Until two months ago in 2006, he came back again for his knee pain. He told Dr. Chernly that he is a military officer now and got married, but he is still running marathon. The training is very hard and his goal is going to the Olympic game. Dr. Chernly treated him again and hoped his Olympic dream come true.

  3. Swimmer

    A high school swimmer aspired to go to the Olympics. But he complained about some shoulder pain, which led his coach to think of having him get some physical training such as weight lifting. However, as the Olympics Game was approaching, nothing could help his conditions to improve and he was on the edge of losing the opportunity if the pain was still there.

    Finally, this swimmer came to Dr. Chernly and after 7 sessions of treatments, he got well and his dream of going to the Olympics came true.

  4. Baseball Pitcher

    A high school student, an excellent baseball pitcher, had been picked by Texas Ranger baseball player when he graduated from high school. He told Dr. Chernly that another pro team also wanted him. However, as he was suffering shoulder and arm pain, he was worried about a possible operation. So he came to Dr. Chernly for help and was cured by the Acupuncture treatments.

  5. Football Player

    An NFL football player has been playing NFL for 9 years and already had 9 surgeries. At his 10th year of career, he suffered pain again and was supposed to have his 10th surgery. This football player told Dr. Chernly that an average NFL player has one surgery every year. And when he got his tenth, he couldn’t play anymore, that is exactly why he was concerned. He was supposed to get another surgery – his 10th. If that became true, he could lose his career and retire early. So he came to Dr. Chernly for help and after 5 treatments, his back pain got well so he could go back to play. After he got well, he expanded his career for 7 more years. During those 7 years, whenever he got some injuries, he could come to the Acupuncture Center for help. He has had no surgery so far and decides to retire last year because of his age.

    This player used to be one of the pro-balls who usually get together in Hawaii for conventions. Because NFL health insurance never covers acupuncture, this patient tried to recommend acupuncture. Unfortunately, as not many NFL players have ever experienced the power of acupuncture, the efforts failed.

  6. Golf Player

    A professional golf player couldn’t even swing his golf club because of his back pain. After he received acupuncture treatment, he got well and could even play better than before.

  7. Tennis Player

    A professional tennis player suffered tennis elbow and she couldn’t play anymore because of the pain. Her doctor wanted to do surgery on her, which she didn’t want. She had witnessed one of her friends/colleagues lost career after the operation and could only be a coach afterwards. So this player resorted to acupuncture instead. After a few sessions, her pain was gone. Her pain came back again in 6 months, but this time, she knew where to get her treatment. The same situation happened again after a year. Now it has been five years and she is still in her professional career.